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At Beaute Abode we offer a range of brow shaping services including brow waxing and sculpting with a range of colour services including tinting, brow dye and brow lamination.

What is involved?

A Brow Sculpt is great for clients who are wanting some guidance shaping the brows. Perhaps you’re after a new shape, have really grown out brows, want to even up your brows and create some symmetry, want some guidance growing your brows in, or you are a little unsure and want a thorough brow sculpting appointment.

A Brow service will provide you with a thorough consultation followed by complete mapping, measuring and outlining of your brows using a measuring tool.

Once we have the perfect shape mapped out you will receive a sculpt with wax, tweeze and trim while given professional advice on products you can use to fill in your brows or products to help them grow.

Your brows will then be finished off with a complementary lesson on how to fill in your brows with product and conceal and highlight around the edges so you can achieve amazing brows from home, however this is completely optional.

Notes will be made on your file so we know what to do when you come in for your next appointment.

Once you have completed this service you will have a beautiful shape to work with and will just need to maintain your brows with a brow sculpt every 3-4 weeks.


Brow Sculpt (no tint)                                    $ 40.00

Brow Sculpt & (Standard) Tint                    $ 50.00

Duration: 50min

Brow Sculpt & Hybrid Dye                          $ 55.00

Duration: 1hr


Brow Tint                                                      $10.00


Brow Hybrid Dye                                          $20.00

Duration: 30mins

- enhance the shape and define your brows with a custom eyebrow wax and tint.

Brow Tint / Hybrid Dye
Which Brow Treatment is Best for Me?

Brow Tint

Brow tint can be applied to just the hairs, or both the hairs an the skin to create a fuller look.

Tint lasts on the skin for a few days, and lasts on the hairs for around 3 weeks. We supply many different shades of tint so we can provide a light, medium, ashy or dark colour.

Hybrid Dye

Hybrid dye is similar to a brow tint however it is longer lasting on the skin & hairs – much like brow henna.

Hybrid dye can last on the skin for up to 2 weeks depending on the clients skin type and how well the aftercare is followed, and on the hairs for up to 5 weeks.

We stock a wide variety of colours from blonde to black and everywhere in-between so we can customise the treatment to suit you. We stock both hybrid dye and brow henna to provide you with options so we can work out which one works best for you, your brow hairs and your skin type.

Unlike brow henna, hybrid dye can be used in the same treatment as lamination and can be used on anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

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